Fri, 09 Jun 2023

Frustration has mounted among OnlyFans creators who claim that their content is frequently deleted without violating any terms of service, jeopardising their livelihoods and prompting discussions of a potential mass exodus.Renowned creators such as Rowan Odubhain and Aaliyah Yasin, with substantial followings, have taken to social media to express their outrage at the deletion of their posts on OnlyFans. Seeking a more supportive environment, they have decided to migrate their businesses to, an emerging platform that is gaining traction at an unprecedented rate.In a tweet, Aaliyah Yasin vented her frustration: 'Love when OnlyFans removes a video claiming it breaks TOS when it doesn't and it's active on my No PPV perfectly fine! I personally reviewed the video, and it breaks ZERO TOS or community guidelines.' Another model, Rae, also voiced her concerns: 'Hey @OnlyFans...can you start making it where we can read the full message we sent or give us further context? Because if I'm not discussing things that break TOS and I'm not trying to find a way around flagged words, then I'd like more info...'The discontent extends to other creators as well. Bungabooty, a prominent figure, expressed disappointment over the removal of her best-selling squirt videos from OnlyFans. Furthermore, Aaliyah Yasin reached out directly to Amrapali Gan, the CEO of OnlyFans, alleging discrimination as a Pakistani Muslim creator.In response to these mounting grievances, has emerged as a viable alternative. Founder Arian Demnika reported a significant surge in sign-ups over the past year, attributing it to's commitment to never banning sexual content. Demnika emphasised that is specifically designed for adult content creators and consumers, offering a concept similar to other content subscription services but with a dedicated focus on adult content. The platform provides a safe space for creators to freely share their work with fans, free from concerns about post removal or account has rapidly gained popularity, with approximately 1,000 applicants signing up daily. Top creators are already earning substantial monthly incomes ranging from Pound 8,000 to Pound 40,000 ($10,000 to $50,000 USD). Arian Demnika's focus now lies in enhancing the platform's features and tools to facilitate deeper connections between OKfans creators and their fans.While thrives, Demnika acknowledges the potential consequences of OnlyFans' restrictions on creators' lives. The ban on sexually explicit content could result in significant revenue loss for creators, necessitating a search for alternative platforms. Many creators have built substantial followings and income streams on OnlyFans, and this ban could substantially impact their ability to earn a living. For consumers, the ban may entail a loss of access to content they enjoy and are willing to support financially.As various adult content subscription services exist, OnlyFans' popularity and widespread usage make its absence likely to impact the overall availability and diversity of adult content. aims to fill the void left by OnlyFans' policy change, providing creators and consumers with a vibrant platform to sustain their passions.

Source published by Submit Press Release >> Emerges as a New Haven for OnlyFans Creators Amid Complaints of Bullying, Discrimination, and Content Removal

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